Entering Canada

Canada Customs – Sand Point Lake Station

Our Tow Boat Shuttle will pick you up from our landing at Scott’s Marina in Crane Lake, MN at a designated time. (address: 7546 Gold Coast Rd, Crane Lake MN 55725).  The 24′ runabouts with 250 hp motors have plenty of room for your gear and canoes (if bringing your own).  You will be comfortable leaving Crane Lake en-route to Sand Point Lake and on to Canada Customs.  A passport is not required to enter Canada, however it IS REQUIRED to re-enter the United States.  The station at Sand Point sits on a pine studded island, with no lines of traffic!  The solitude has already begun.  Upon leaving Sand Point, our experienced boat drives will safely take you through the Little Vermilion River, Loon Falls Portage, Loon Lake, Beatty Portage and onto Lac La Croix.  The travel time into the lodge takes just over an hour.

Bring your Passport, Passport Card -OR- Enhanced Drivers License

(IF you are a straight through MN canoe group, you do not need your passport, and will not need to check Canada Customs)

Bring your Fishing License

If traveling with a child 16 or under: Be sure to have a copy of their Birth Certificate.  If you are not the child’s legal guardian, have a letter of permission that is notarized.  This will ensure a smooth entry.

Resort Packing List
Canoe Packing List
Fishing Gear to Bring

Live bait (minnows & leeches) may not be brought to Canada, however live bait is sold at the lodge.

Live night crawlers may be brought into Ontario as long as they are nestled in worm bedding and not soil.

NO LIVE BAIT is permitted in the Quetico Park.

Please be aware of regulations on border crossing with alcohol and/or tobacco.


You will check back into the USA in Crane Lake, MN at Scott’s Marina and Seaplane Base.  
To enter the USA, you are required to have one of the following:

  • Passport
  • Passport Card
  • Enhanced Drivers License